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Not unlike Upton Sinclair, Lance Simmens has created a work of fiction based upon the factual dark side of American politics. If Mr. Simmens intent is to push policy changes that may at the very least give the human species a chance of surviving just a little bit longer this book should awaken the moral conscience of a society mired in dysfunction.                                              
Thomas Steinbeck, Writer
Lance Simmens has captured the essence of both the political and societal upheaval that accompanies our insatiable thirst for fossil fuels.  His portrayal of the costs of fracking told through fiction based upon fact is a clarion call for rethinking our priorities.  A must read for those who care about our children.
Mark Ruffalo, Actor, Director, Activist
Lance Simmens has always been a groundbreaking voice for truth on fracking.  His presence as an insider in PA Governor Ed Rendell's administration was monumental and his compassion and empathy for the victims of fracking should have upended the fracking industry. Had Pennsylvania followed his advice, we might have averted the tragedy of contamination that the natural gas industry has wrought across the state.  He has tales to tell and I hope they are heeded. 
Josh Fox, Oscar-nominated Director of groundbreaking fracking documentary, Gasland